Twomey Interiors

Twomey Interiors Desktop Design Mockup

Twomey Interiors is a fictional design company. The concept for the website was born based on renovation works being undertaken at my parent's home. The visual difference between the highly dated 70's interior and the newly renovated decor was quite remarkable, and something I wanted to incorporate into the website.

Twomey Interiors Projects Screenshot

The projects page displays an interactive gallery of previous works. The final decorated room is displayed initially, in order to present the page as nicely as possible. But with a tap of the finger, or a click of the mouse, the user is presented with an image of the room as it once was, allowing easy comparison between the two.

Twomey Interiors Projects Screenshot

As with all my websites, I work mobile first, ensuring things work perfectly for smaller touch devices before progressing to wider desktop layouts. In a time where mobile use is bigger than ever, this is a vital step in ensuring you reach the maximum number of people.