Asset Eater 2

Asset Eater 2 in the Chrome browser.

Asset Eater 2 is an improved version of the original Asset Eater extension I developed whilst working for Sky. The tool has been re-imagined and re-worked to make the functionality more efficient for the user. The time saving is now even more substantial when compared to the previous work process.

The original version of this tool required the user to first navigate into each individual folder of assets they wanted to download, before then clicking on the extension icon to download the assets contained within that folder. This meant that if there were seven folders full of assets, you would need to go into seven different folders and click the extension seven separate times.

Asset Eater 2 has been largely re-written to make the process far more convenient for the user, if they require assets from multiple different folders. You can now navigate to the top level folder containing all the sub-folders you wish to download assets from, tick the ones you want and then click on the extension icon. A popup will appear asking you to wait, and then you will be prompted to select a csv file from your downloads folder. On selecting this, all of the assets from all of the folders you selected are downloaded to your machine in their corresponding directories.

Asset Eater 2 in use.